How to find a lost or stolen mobile

Now days this kind of incidents are common. Most of people are having costly mobile phones and sometimes due to carelessness they lose their mobile. Loosing mobile is something like losing a very precious thing whether it’s costly or cheap. All the important data such as contacts, photos and other documents are stored in Mobiles and no one wants to loose these data.
After this incident we realized that we need to secure our mobile. We used to spend lot of money to buy a mobile but we least care about its security. I thought of checking internet if anything is available to protect mobile. I got surprised to see that there are lots of Apps available which helps to protect mobile phone.

Track Stolen Mobile

I want to share few online tool and Apps so that everyone will be aware to protect their mobile

 #Android Device Manager

Using Google Android Device Manager you can track your mobile. If you have lost your mobile then you can locate your stolen mobile. You can directly send instruction to your mobile phone using computer. Three operations you can perform. Either can ring to your mobile, Lock your mobile and Erase data from mobile.
To use this feature you need to use your Google account. If you don’t have Google account then you can create one.
  1. Create a Google account.
  2. Add your mobile phone to your account.
  3. Login to Google play.
  4. Go to Setting > Android Device Manager.
Now you can see Google map displaying in screen showing your mobile location. Small popup will also display with option Ring, Lock and erase. You can use these features according you your choice.
If you click on Ring, your mobile will ring wherever it is located. If you select lock your mobile will be locked and only by password it will be unlocked. Third option is to erase data from the mobile.
You can track the location of your mobile as well as you can restrict user to use your mobile.

 #McAfee Antivirus & Security

This is a free App from Mcafee. It provides complete security to mobile including Anti-theft feature. It provides complete security solution for mobiles.
Features such as Locate and track, Device lock, remotely wipe data, back and recover data etc. are available. But the feature which I like most is the CaptureCam feature.
CaptureCam feature will take a picture of a person who has stolen your device and send the picture to your registered mail ID when user will try to unlock mobile. It will also send the location of the mobile. So using this feature you can track your mobile location and also you can find the thief.
There are lots of other great features available in McAfee Antivirus & Security. Install this app in your mobile and secure your mobile.
There are lots of other mobile securities apps available. Choose and install at least one app in your mobile to secure your important data.
If you are have already secured your mobile using any app or tool then share it and help others to protect their mobile.