Earn money from YouTube using Youtube Partner Program

Everyone visits YouTube daily to watch great videos. YouTube is largest online video source of videos of all categories. Daily thousands of videos are getting uploaded worldwide. People spend hours watching videos in YouTube.

You can watch of music, sports, gaming, movies, TV shows, educational videos etc.
YouTube is a great source of knowledge and entertainment.

So how you make money using YouTube partner program ?

It is simple.
Create videos. Upload it into YouTube, get viewers and get paid for ads displayed on videos.

 # Create Video

You can create your own video in YouTube. You can create a video according to your interest. Make sure that your video is interesting and should not violate YouTube terms and conditions. For example you can create a video on “How to create a Terrace Garden” or educational video “Computer Basics for Beginner’s”.
Try to create a video as much as knowledgeable and interesting. If your video contains greater information then you will get more visitors. It’s same as movies, if a movie is nice with great story and story play then it will be watched by lot of people.
To create a video YouTube will provide some video creation features. You can capture through webcam, create a photo slideshow, Google+ hangout on air or Video editor. You can choose according to your requirement.

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# Upload video in YouTube

Once you are done with the video creation. Upload video in YouTube using Upload option in YouTube. Setup the video setting Audio, description, subtitle, tags etc. Now publish your video.
Create a YouTube channel and upload all your videos inside your YouTube channel.
After video upload you can add annotations and links to your video.
Share your video to your friends using social sharing options Facebook, Google+, twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Check out how to properly upload video to YouTube.

 # Monetize your channel

You can monetize your videos using YouTube partner program. YouTube partner program requires a Google Adsense account. Create Adsense account and link it with your YouTube account.
There are some criteria which need to fulfill to get access to YouTube partner features. Your video should have 15000 hours of view to get YouTube partner access.
Now you need to associate ads you your channel videos. You can display ads on your YouTube videos and you. Create a Google Adsense account which will allow you to associate ads to your videos.
You can create multiple channels on different category. Also you can create paid channel.
Every ad displayed on your video you will get paid some amount. So if you have lot of subscribers and view count is more than you can earn more.

Watch partner program Guide from YouTube

By view videos above shares you will learn in depth process of how you can create great videos. Upload videos in YouTube correctly and finally the most important part how to monetize it correctly to generate revenue.
You Earn money from YouTube buy you need to follow the proper way and plan. If you are already earning then please share your experience and help others to learn.