Internet tips and tricks

You needn't bother with the http:// allotment of a web page 

When entering an Internet address you don't need to type http:// or even www. in the address. For example, on the off chance that you wanted to visit Computer Hope you could simply type and press enter. To make things even quicker, in the event that you are going by a .com address you can type computerhope and afterward press Ctrl + Enter to type out the full address.

Rapidly move between the fields of a web page 

On the off chance that you are rounding out an online structure, e-mail, or other text field you can rapidly move between each of the fields by pressing the Tab key or Shift + Tab to move back a field. For example, in the example structure below you can click in the "First Name" field type anything and press tab to change to the next field.

Tip: This tip additionally applies to the catches, in the event that you press tab and the web developer has designed correctly the catch ought to be selected and permits you to press the space bar or enter to push the catch.

Tip: With a drop-down box that rundowns dozens of alternatives you can press the first letter to span down to that letter. For example, click the drop down box below and afterward press "u" to rapidly span to Utah.