Where To Write HTML ?

HTML can be a language which is to be   meant to   creating   web pages as well as   various other things. Programmer considered much software to create HTML code.  no matter whether   an individual   asked  me  we   used   my   on-line  HTML Editor  which   my partner and I   made   along with  share  within   an individual   on the internet  Click here in order to   visit   my own  HTML Editor page.

Burt programmer  USE  professional  HTML editor such as:
Adobe Dreamweaver
CoffeeCup HTML Editor

Today  my partner and I   will certainly  show  a person   How to  make  ones   1st   web page   in  default note pad   in which   when I   acquire    with  windows.
1.  in   1st  open   your own  Notepad
How to open Notepad with Windows 7 as well as earlier:
Click delivery (bottom left with   your screen).  Click on   most Programs.  Visit Accessories.  Click on Notepad.
How to be able to open Notepad in Windows nine   or even later:
Open your   delivery Screen (the window symbol for the bottom left in   your own screen). Type Notepad.

2. Write  some  HTML  program code   into  it,  which   my partner and i   understand   via   before  lesson  compared to  copy  each of the  HTML  signal   through   That  post. 

Write html in note pad

Write HTML within note pad

3. Save your HTML Page
Save your own Notepad file with   your current  computer.
Select File > Save Just as   with the Notepad menu.
You will use  either .htm  or  .html  As  file extension.  There is certainly   no  difference,  This really is   ones  choice.

4.  See  HTML  page   Making use of your  Browser.  easily  open  That   Making use of your  browser.

It  will   shop   similar to  this...

 where to write html

Where  to publish  HTML

Note: HTML  will be   consequently   simple and easy  thing  regarding  newbie’s  whether or not  he  or  she  function  hard. Don't scare  in  codes. Lets  utilize the  codes  to  make something large  and  unique.